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This collection is available to my email subscribers, to be officially released 02.22.2022 @ 2:22pm.
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Coastal Vancouver Island Collection
by Jen Gold

Jen's next collection is titled Coastal Vancouver Island, to be released in early 2022. This series will be large-scale acrylic paintings exploring our wondrous backyard including landscapes and coastal flora.


I always feel very blessed to be a 45 minute drive from the Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island. It is our refuge, soul-filling escape to somewhere that carries its own feel and vibe. After recently travelling to Tofino after over a decade (too long, my gosh!) I again remember just how much of the island I still have to explore. It fascinates me how every beach along our west coast is unique and distinguishable. Have you seen the waterfall at Mystic Beach? Have you hiked the muddy (in the off-season) slope to the iconic view point in Tofino? Have you been to Winter Harbour? I'm not even getting to the Eastern side of the island yet or the goodies you find on the beach! Who else notices the shift in tree varieties as you drive to Port Renfrew!? It's incredible! 


Thank you!

I look forward to releasing this in the New Year!


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